The Crucial Conversations Video Series – Part 6
How is Your Attitude Influencing Your Perception?

This series is an overview of the excellent tools and strategies in the best-selling book, Crucial Conversations. We highly recommend that you purchase a copy. It will help you communicate more openly and honestly in all areas of your life.

How is your attitude toward the conversation influencing your perception of it? If you think this is going to be horribly difficult, it probably will be. If you truly believe that whatever happens, some good will come of it, that will likely be the case. Try to adjust your attitude for maximum effectiveness. This is applicable to all areas of your life.

Your questions direct and focus your energy. Asking yourself, “How is this going to go wrong?” or “How is the he or she out to get me?” will cause you to create what you don’t want. You control your questions and your questions determine the quality of your life. Ask powerful questions like:

“How can I communicate with 100% honesty and 100% respect?”
“How can I create a collaborative environment in which I listen to the other person?”
“What does the other person truly want?”

We will help you.