The Crucial Conversations Video Series – Part 5
What is Triggering You?

This series is an overview of the excellent tools and strategies in the best-selling book, Crucial Conversations. We highly recommend that you purchase a copy. It will help you communicate more openly and honestly in all areas of your life.

Part 5 focuses on asking yourself questions to create awareness about what buttons of yours are being pushed. Your history and backstory is full of experiences that can trigger you. That’s perfectly normal and something we all experience. The problem happens when we’re not aware of it even happening.

Pause and ask yourself if you are being more emotional than the situation warrants. If you are, you can still have the conversation. But know that at least part of the heightened emotional state has to do with you. Recognizing that can contribute significantly to lowering the temperature.

Remember, every conversation has at least two parties. In order to create positive outcomes you must take ownership over your contribution.

We will help you.