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Carl Good

Carl Good was born and raised in York Region. After studying Law Enforcement at Seneca College and graduating with an honours diploma, he worked as a Housing Authority Officer for Metro Toronto Housing Authority. He had a passion for community policing focusing on child protection, safety of the community and the prevention of criminal activity.

Taking his interests in another direction, Carl then started Business Financing and Mortgage Brokering after completing courses with the University of Toronto and the Society of Management Accounting. He assisted small businesses in financing and brokered financing for residential construction and commercial development.

A few years after moving to London, Ontario he opened a direct burial and cremation service.  His desire was to assist families in arranging final dispositions for their loved ones. The business opened in 2008 and operated under his direction until June 2016.

With a longing to continue assisting families, Carl turned his efforts to studying mediation. He is currently completing his accreditation in mediation with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation so that he can offer London and the surrounding areas a service for resolving family disputes.

Carl is the father of two young children and a man of strong family values. He loves playing golf, camping with his children and at the age of 48 started playing baseball again. Giving back to the community is an important priority to Carl. Most recently he is rewarded through his coaching endeavours in little league baseball.

Jason MacKenzie

Jason was born into a military family in North Bay, Ontario.  He traveled extensively during his youth.  He studied software development and subsequently began his career with a large consulting firm.  He has worked in senior leadership positions in industries from government to consulting to manufacturing.

Jason’s life took a tragic and unexpected turn.  His wife was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and six years later she took her own life.  Jason experienced many dark moments during that period.   He’s learned so much about himself and what it takes to stand tall when we face monumental challenges.

Jason’s passion in life is to teach people about the power of vulnerability.  Having the courage to look at yourself in the mirror and be honest, and without judgment, about who you see staring back at you is the first step to creating the life you were born to live.   He is a published author of The DADLY Book of Open: How Cultivating Vulnerability Makes You A Stronger, Wiser and More Courageous Father.

Jason will teach you how to move beyond conflict and problem solving.  He believes you determine the quality of your life by the quality of the questions you ask.   He’ll work with you to find your strengths and what brings you to life.  He’ll help you see there is so much that is already working in your life.  You’ll work together to design a future where you do more of what you love.

Lisa Stead

Lisa was raised and has lived in London, Ontario for most of her life. Having been recognized for her artistic abilities at an early age she pursued studies in photography and design. Her career path led to many positions of leadership/management and business development, successively evolving into entrepreneurial endeavours.

After a delicate and challenging separation in her marriage, Lisa was faced with very difficult times. Having lived with a spouse who suffered from mental illness she had compassion for its challenges but found she had lost herself and the vision of her own future life. Through these challenges she discovered her strengths and a vision in which to start fresh and build a new life by her own design.

Through many steps of personal development Lisa discovered she had two very distinct passions. Her first was sharing her experiences and knowledge for creating a life full of opportunity, joy and purpose. The second was returning to her roots of being creative through artistic expression. She shares her passion for the visual arts by exhibiting some of her works in galleries across South Western Ontario.

Loving and living life to its fullest is not only rewarding to yourself but also the people you chose to surround yourself with every day. In fleeting moments of darkness there is always opportunity to let light filter in. Lisa joins the team at Good Family Matters with the enthusiasm to assist and coach others to a more positive outcome while helping them create a new foundation for a future that has you living a great life.

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